Frankly Marilyn

Frankly Marilyn - a Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe tribute

Frankly Marilyn features Charley Toulan as Marilyn Monroe alongside the Award Winning David Alacey as Frank Sinatra. Together they celebrate the careers of two of the 20th Century’s Greatest Icons.

This stylish show includes music and comedy based on the friendship the two stars enjoyed during the golden years of Hollywood.

Featuring the classic hits of Sinatra and Monroe, the show can be booked with a live orchestra under the direction of BBC Musical Director Don Hunt or with specially orchestrated tracks. It also features the stunning Marilynette Showgirls to add even more glamour to this meeting of showbiz Royalty.

Frankly Marilyn poster

The late legendary performer Buddy Greco who was a member of Frank Sinatra’s extended Rat Pack was also close friends with Marilyn. She actually spent the last weekend of her life at Sinatra’s Cal-Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe with Frank, Peter Lawford and Buddy. Here she is pictured with Buddy and Sinatra looking on in the background. This is one of the last known pictures taken of Marilyn.

Fast forward fifty years and Buddy Greco became a good friend of Britain’s leading Sinatra stylist – David Alacey (they are pictured below performing together). They toured together, recorded together and Buddy is even David’s eldest daughter Liza’s Godfather.

When David told Buddy about his new project “Frankly Marilyn” featuring Charley Toulan as Monroe. Buddy asked him to send some images and demo recordings from the show over to his home in Las Vegas. This is what he emailed back –

Hey Big D

We are doing great and looking forward to my 90th – I really hope you can make it, Lezlie has planned a great evening.

Thanks for sending over the Frank and Marilyn things, we really enjoyed listening to them. That girl Charley looks and sounds great. My Goodness you have found a winner there. She really has that innocent beauty that I looked at when I was with Marilyn all those years ago and trust me that’s hard to find. With her and you together I think you have a killer show on your hands, so cut me in on it hey!

I would actually like to pass on a couple of little gifts from Lezlie and myself to Charley to wish her luck on this journey. So I have attached two arrangements which I did and think they will work for her. One you know very well, so if you sing it as a duet as I did with Lez – don’t sing too good and take my lines as you always do! The second is special because it’s a brand new arrangement I have done of My Heart Belongs To Daddy. I’m sure she will do this great, let me know how it works with the guys playing it.

Anyway that’s it for now, send my love to your beautiful girls and I look forward to speaking to you and them soon.

Buddy x